Testimonials about Parkland Kennels in Stony Plain

We at Parkland Kennels take great pride in the success of our pets and their owners, and we’re happy to share their feedback.

Awesome Training Experience

My confidence and knowledge of dog training has improved significantly. My dog has learned to stay with distractions in all positions: sit, down and stand. An awesome training experience.

Myrna Hoogers


10 out of 10

Thank you so very much!! Copper and I both learned a lot. His behavior has improved tenfold. He actually notices me now and listens. 10 out of 10.

Kim Barbosa


Overall Evaluation: EXCELLENT

The quality of the training staff at Parkland is the thing I liked the most. I have a better trained dog and I learned a lot, too. What did I like the least? The drive. Overall evaluation: EXCELLENT!!!

Mike Gabriel


Stronger Bond with Our Dog

We know our dog better now and have a much stronger bond. Those finishes really challenged US!! We really appreciate how the classes were paced out. An excellent training program.

Chris & Wendy Mihalchuk


Better Than Expected

The course was better than I expected. All the trainers were committed to detail and we received the attention necessary to succeed. Didn’t like the driving distance in winter conditions. Very beneficial – would highly recommend it to other people – and in fact, I already have. Keep up the GREAT work.

Angelo Blak


Appreciate the Individual Attention

The instructors definitely demonstrated a genuine love of dogs and were courteous at all times. Jessy listens to us now and isn’t as excited. Can’t tell you how much we appreciated the individual attention – your classes are structured so dogs and humans can succeed. Excellent.

Stephanie & Dave Gillis


Now I Can Handle My Dog

I was amazed at the amount of individual attention everyone received. She doesn’t jump up near as much and listens better. I loved everything and everybody. Thanks to you all I have a dog I can handle.

Jackie Kendall


Had No Idea How Fun This Would Be

Our dog is much more focused and is showing a greater respect to Jay and I. Both Jay and I had to synchronize our “individual idea” of how to train a dog from puppyhood. Diesel has so much energy and excitement, we knew we had to harness it. If we hadn’t met a former graduate from Parkland Kennels at PetSmart (who told us Parkland was the best), I don’t know if Diesel would have learned (us too) all he did. Thank you for the individual focus, understanding and patience. I can now see Diesel’s future as a well-trained adult. I also had no idea how fun this would be!! We’ll probably be back for Level 2 and/or agility.

Janet Dymichkowsky & Jason Keith


Success Assured

Due to the excellent instruction everyone was assured success with the exercises. The homework was well planned out. Excellent course.

Brenda Courtier


Attend This School

My dog is well mannered and I have much more confidence in my training skills. A wonderful course. I would definitely encourage all dog owners to attend this school.

Donica Towell


Can’t Imagine a Better Training Course

You and your assistant trainers had a wealth of knowledge to share with us. I can’t imagine a better training course anywhere. The improvement in my dog’s behavior is fantastic. I definitely plan to continue to the next level.

Denise Giroux

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